The development, production and marketing of innovation products and services of high technological value is at the leading edge of Biostella business model.

Our expertise is put at the service of Italian researchers, public research institutions and companies for

  • screening and selection of research projects of potential economic and social value
  • handling of Intellectual Property issues
  • development of business models for the selected projects
  • development and implementation of the business plan
  • brokerage with potential investors
  • identification and involvement of partners 

When developing R&I services, flexibility is the mantra at Biostella . Research and Innovation Projects are indeed carried out aiming to a full range of partnering possibilities, including in house expansion of the projects at Biostella or creation of new companies when deemed appropriate.

Biostella most valued goal is to contribute to a new culture in Southern Italy where scientific excellence in Life Sciences and socioeconomic development proceed hand in hand.