After becoming conference interpreter and translator for English and German, Donatella Capone obtained a degree in the same languages at University of Roma 3. She also has a master in European Project Management.

Her working activity has developed along the following guidelines:

  • Public relations and event organization, mainly for IGB-CNR, Stazione Zoologica “Anton Dohrn”, and Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM) and IRBM Area Science Park in Pomezia.
  • Desktop publishing, editorial secretariat for more than 25 scientific publications and the bilingual scientific Journal “Forme” (P. Bazzicalupo, E. Boncinelli, B. Maresca eds.) IIGBPress, CNR Institute of Genetics and Biophysics (IGB).
  • Specifically targeted data-base production, among which the first comprehensive catalogue of genetics and molecular biology research groups (300) of the Naples Bay Area “Il Cammino della Ricerca Biologica a Napoli. 1. I gruppi di ricerca” (M. D’Urso, G. Salvatore eds.) IIGBPress.
  • After her move to Canada from 2001 to 2005, she collaborated as University tutor with the Translation Dept. of Carleton University in Ottawa. Upon her return to Italy she continues her tutoring job at the University of Roma 3 in the first level Master “Linguaggi del Turismo e Comunicazione Interculturale”.
  • In February 2016, DC founded NAnA onlus and became President of the non-profit organisation..

While in Rome she worked for Triumph Group, a major Italian Event organizing Company from January to December 2011.

Her volunteering work is mainly focused on schools:

Mutchmor Elementary Public School, Ottawa, Canada, School Council Member 2002-2005

Goodmorning Preschool, Ottawa, Canada, School Council Member 2003-2005

Liceo Classico Statale Torquato Tasso, Roma, School Council Member 2008-2011

Schweizer Schule, Rom, Member on the Board of Directors 2014-2016